Harnessing the power from the sun using Solar PV panels.

Dore Woodman are a well-known, trusted installer of renewable energy systems serving Kent, Surrey, Sussex and South London. We are a fully accredited MCS certified business, who can offer a bespoke solar and battery storage installation in the South East for your home.

We are consciously making the effort to both reduce our carbon footprint and find ways to defend ourselves against rising energy prices. One of the most efficient and popular solutions are Solar PV panels. Solar panels on your roof, or in the garden, give you more independence from the National Grid, as well as reducing your household’s environmental impact. Solar panels can be installed on a number of different roof types and depending on the size of your house, the orientation of the roof, you will likely need between 6 and 14 solar panels and they should last up to 30 years with minimum maintenance required. Solar panels need daylight to generate energy and at times when generally you will be using the least amount of energy due to you and your family being at work and at school, so what happens to all of that surplus energy?

Store your solar energy and save money

One way you can monetise your excess solar energy is to sell it back to the National Grid via your electricity supplier by way of the ‘Smart Export Guarantee’ – this will reduce your overall electricity bill; however, the tariff is minimal and doesn’t match the cost per kWh you pay to your supplier.

Alternatively, the surplus energy can be retained by installing a solar battery and you can conserve this energy to use when you need it most, perhaps to power your home in the evening, to charge your electric car and for some supplies in the event of a power cut, subject to system configuration. We can also offer other smart controls such as a Solar PV Diverter that will detect if any excess energy is going back to the grid and can instead divert that energy to generate hot water, power electric towel radiators or again charge your electric vehicle.

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All the stages of our Solar Panel Installation, i,e. initial survey, design of the solar system, installation were completed in a thoroughly professional manner. The engineers and installation manager were friendly, polite, informative and very skilled. I am very impressed with all who work at Dore Woodman and recommend them without hesitation.

Michael Finn – Retrofit Solar PV Array and Battery Storage, Crawley