Heatpumps have been in the UK for many years, a simple and clean technology, often there has been concerns about effectiveness and usability but we want to stress that heatpumps designed, sized and installed professionally and by an MCS accredited business, will provide you with worry-free, environmentally friendly and cost-effective heating and hot water for many, many years.

Ground source heat pumps are outstanding ways to heat your home, replacing the gas or oil fired boilers, transforming your home to a more eco-friendly household, but also saving you money on your energy bills.

The government have designed a financial incentive to encourage homeowners and landlords like you to use renewable heating systems, and at the same time help towards the UK’s promise of lowering its carbon emissions. In spring 2019, the Government announced that ‘fossil-fuel heating systems’ would no longer be installed in any domestic new build properties from 2025 as part of the Future Homes Standard. These systems include gas and oil boilers. Dore Woodman are dedicated to deliver this Government promise, to lower the UK’s carbon footprint and make these renewable heating systems accessible to homeowners, developers, and landlords.

From Spring 2022 the Boiler Upgrade Scheme will be launched to help homeowners reduce their carbon emissions, providing grants of £5,000 towards installation costs of ASHPs and £6,000 for GSHPs. These grants are available when replacing existing fossil fuel heating systems but also available to custom-build properties. To ensure installations made through this new scheme are of the highest standard, only projects completed by MCS certified installers and members of a Consumer Code will be eligible. Unlike previous Government grant schemes, the application process for the BUS will fall with the installer, instead of the homeowner, however, there are certain requirements that must be met to ensure eligibility to this new scheme.

Dore Woodman are proud to be MCS registered, so you can be safe in the knowledge that not only are we great at what we do, our work has been and will continue to be checked to ensure the highest standards of service.


• No need for gas or oil boilers
• One system to control your heating and hot water
• Ultra-efficient
• Benefits from only 5% VAT
• No need to pay for gas supplies for new builds
• Quiet, clean and tucked away outside
• Fully monitorable via smartphone app technology
• Great for house resales due to futureproofing
• Can be used to provide heating via Underfloor Heating and/or Radiators


Ground Source Heat Pumps utilises natural heat from underground, that has been absorbed by the sun, to heat water that is pumped through a ground loop (a circuit of water pipes buried below ground level). After being compressed, the water temperature is increased and transferred to your heating system.

The ground loop size will depend on the size of the property and how much heat you require; they can be laid horizontally or vertically into the ground. These systems, like air source heat pumps, are compatible with radiator heating systems, underfloor heating systems and hot water systems. The heat pump unit is installed inside the property, with sizes ranging from the size of a large filing cabinet, to being able to fit under the kitchen sink.

How effective are Ground Source Heat Pumps?

These heating systems are highly efficient; for every 1kW of electricity used to operate the heat pump, it will provide 4kW of energy.

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