With the impact that climate change is having on the rising temperature of our surroundings more UK residents are looking into options to ensure their homes are more comfortable during the warmer months.

Dore Woodman are F-Gas Registered, ready to design, supply and install comfort cooling units.

Comfort Cooling is specifically designed to lower the temperature of a room, ensuring it provides the best ambient temperature for comfort. These systems are highly efficient and do not require energy-intensive equipment, becoming an eco-friendly addition to your home.

With recent changes to how people use their homes and the evolving move to hybrid working, comfort cooling has become more popular in the UK.

Modern air conditioning systems are fitted with filters which also remove dust, allergens and odours, significantly improving the air quality with in properties, but also regulating room temperatures for comfort.

The design trend of large glass installations in new build and renovated properties, comfort cooling systems are a highly efficient and effective way of cooling the ambient temperature of a room and in the winter months, can also be used as an additional heating source.

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